We are in need of 3 volunteers for an election committee. I am hoping to find 3 volunteers at the MMAC. I already have one person confirmed. The reason I am looking for people at the FAA Academy is that our constitution requires us to use paper ballots. So the committee members need to be located at the same facility. We are overdue for election of officers for FAA GLOBE. I need to appoint an election committee of 3 people who have been active members since May 10.

This election is a little complicated by the fact that we made some changes to our officer positions at the last convention. The officer positions that are up for election are Vice-president, Eastern Service Area Director, Central Service Area Director and Secretary. We’ll be opening up the nomination process soon. However, if you are interested in running, please contact our acting Vice-president, John Louie at [email protected]

If you have moved or changed your email address, please go to the Join Us Page and enter in your new information. At the bottom of the page is a drop-down menu where you can indicate that this is an update.

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