Effective Communication and Personal Branding

You will learn to:
Discover How Others Experience You
Cultivate and Guide Your Brand
Identify Your Unique Promise of Value
Communicate Your Brand Story
10:00 A.M. CENTRAL

Sponsored by ATO Leadership & Career Development Partnership

PRESENTERS: Dr. William McClinton, FAA SUPV HR Specialist
LaKesha Bankston-Glover, Program Management Analyst

Point of Contact: [email protected]

The term branding no longer relates solely to companies. In fact, today, every individual has their own personal brand. Your brand is your reputation – it’s what exists in the minds of your customers. It’s what you’re known for and how people experience you. It is up to you to cultivate and guide your own personal brand or let others define it for you.
Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities. A strong personal brand can yield tremendous ROI whether you are working in an organization in the FAA or leading one.
To cultivate and communicate your personal brand requires more than self-promotion. You need to be skillful, unique, transparent, authentic, and consistent about your craft.
In this session you will learn about the power of a brand. You will also learn to:
• Discover how others experience you
• Cultivate and guide your brand
• Identify your unique promise of value
• Communicate your brand story
We look forward to your participation in this event.
Date and Time: November 1, 11:00 a.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Central
Capacity: Up to 75 Participants (first come, first served)
Registration: Access eLMS and search for Item No. FAA60000310 or select this Registration Link

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This election is a little complicated by the fact that we made some changes to our officer positions at the last convention. The officer positions that are up for election are Vice-president, Eastern Service Area Director, Central Service Area Director and Secretary. We’ll be opening up the nomination process soon. However, if you are interested in running, please contact our acting Vice-president, John Louie at [email protected]

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Here are some pictures from our Biannual Training Conference from June 20 to 24, 2016.  In the upper left photo is Stevi Benton, Dan Ronneburg and Vicki Malesza.  Middle Dan Ronneburg and Vicki Malesza.  On the right is Stevi Benton and Vicki Malesza.  The bottom picture is Celeste Flemming and Vicki Malesza.

The last picture is mocking all the bathroom fear mongering.  Vicki Malesza is a transgender woman who used the women’s room regularly.  Nobody complained, that we know about, and everyone was fine.